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She slowly regained her balance to continue running down the alley, but she found herself focusing on the wrong things as she became extremely aware of how exposed she was in her slutty Harley Quinn costume. Cassie was wearing short bright blue stiletto heels that added to her balance issues in her impaired state, with black fishnet tights that did nothing to cover her legs pornsiteslist.. At the encouragement of Samantha, not that she didn't want them, she had chosen the smallest pair of half blue half red sparkly booty shorts the store had, leaving the bottom half of her firm round ass uncovered. To spice up her look even more, and once again at the encouragement of her older sister, Cassie had opted to only wear a matching half blue half red sparkly bra instead of the typical 'Daddy's lil monster' ripped t-shirt; that had left her midriff completely exposed, plus the bra was low cut too, barely covering her nipples as it was clinging to her perky C cup breasts and pushing them up as they bounced with every step hotmyfreecams.com.. Lastly, to complete her look, she had died her long brown hair bright white then colored the ends half bright blue and half hot pink, pulling each side up into curly ponytails on either side of her head and adding matching eye shadow with deep red lipstick to go with her light-colored makeup.

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