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brown cloak. As she drew closer, her footwear gave her away. Her boots were glossy black with high heels. No one in the community owned such things. Or so he thought, until now. As the mysterious woman came within a few paces, she raised her arms and lifted her hood. Joseph saw a familiar face and gasped. "Elizabeth! Is... is that you?!?" Her sultry lips and seductive, light gray eyes were the same, but much of her had changed. Her long hair had taken on the color of Azure blue. Her face was covered in the strange, fiendish marks he'd seen many times in his visions. Her taller stature could not be attributed solely to the stilettos of her boots. She was significantly taller and stronger than she'd ever been. webcamgirls

"Then how should I address you?" "Mistress" she stated flatly with a cold gaze. Elizabeth opened her robe and revealed her full, curvy body. Joseph's eyes went wide as he drank in an incredible sight. Shiny black leather crept up her legs to mid-thigh. Garters trailed upward to the black rubber corset that barely held up her massive breasts. In the midst of it all was a long, thick, uncut cock. The smooth, massive appendage looked more fit for some beastly creature of legend than a human being. A condom dangled from her weighty shaft, the tip filled to bursting with viscous semen. To his eternal shame, Joseph was not repulsed by this. His mouth went dry as the beating of his heart quickened. livecamsex

Elizabeth disrobed and tossed the long, brown garment over the side of a stall. "Remove your clothes" she instructed curtly. Joseph set to the task, removing his hat and cloak and finding a place to hang them. The rest of his clothes joined them as Elizabeth strutted to his side and watched him get naked in the eerie light. Her smile was devious. She grasped her cock and began stroking the giant hose of flesh up and down lewdly. "You want this, don't you Joseph?" "Y-Yes..." he admitted, cursing himself for how eagerly his reply was given. "Then you'd better get it nice and hard. This is your responsibility now." She chuckled before releasing her cock and turning her back to him. nudegirlschat

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